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Who We Are

Evolve Beyond Education Solutions is an instructional-design and learning-solutions business based out of Vernon, B.C., Canada. We work with organizations in a variety of sectors - non-profit, post-secondary, oil and gas, workplace safety, environmental, hospitality and more - to assist them in developing engaging, educational programming and training that works.

We value close working relationships with each of our clients. From our initial meeting all the way through to post-implementation evaluation, we are there to offer our support, answer your questions, and be adaptable to whatever new avenues and options present themselves. After all, where's the fun if there's no challenge?! Challenge is the fuel for creativity!

Whether you need a classroom-delivery program designed for your 1000 new employees or you require assistance creating a highly interactive online course that you want to sell... or you fit somewhere along that continuum - our amazing team of professionals will support you every step of the way.


Shanna Rowney

Founder + Instructional Designer


Shanna's appetite for online education began when she was teaching webconference-based biology and mathematics classes at a college in Alberta. That appetite has since grown into the passion that is Evolve Beyond today.

Shanna's background in science (BSc - Biology/Chemistry) and education (MEd - Distance Education; BEd -Secondary Education) provides a well-rounded aspect to her instructional design expertise.

When not entranced with the exciting creations on her computer screen, Shanna enjoys hiking and exploring the Okanagan valley with her husband, Clayton, and their dog, Sam.

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