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Instructional Design

There are endless glitzy training ideas and products out there. The most important question to ask, however, is whether these products just entertain or actually achieve the learning outcomes you need for your organization. Our instructional design process is a collaboration between yourself and our team where we: (1) analyze your goals and your learners' needs, (2) design a storyboard showcasing the look and feel of a custom training product for your approval, (3) develop the product while checking in at key points to make sure we're creating your vision, (4) help you to implement your training in the way that you need (we can even host it for you if it's online), and (5) assist you to evaluate the success of your training.

We're here to help regardless of your training size or style. Ten minutes or six months in program length; quick learning for ten employees or a seminar for thousands; paper-based or online; instructor-lead or web self-paced - we have experience with it all!



Online Hoting

Whether you are wanting to put a single, short training course online or need space for a large program catalog - we can help you to find the perfect solution.


Parameters that we assist you to decide on include: how/if you want to track leaner results, whether you require course syncing with an employee or client management system, what security you need for course access, how you want your learners to register for the course, whether and how you want to market and sell your course, etc. The possibilities for customization are endless.



Trainer Education

Do you need advice about how to enhance the learning experience within your organization? Are you looking for train-the-trainer seminars with engaging facilitation tips? We would love to share our knowledge and experience with you. Our consultation meetings and seminars can be in person or online. They can be as short as an hour or we can spend a few days with you and your team.


Out of

the Box


Sometimes you just need small and simple; no large-scale customization required. We are always working to develop our library of online, out-of-the-box training. You can purchase a license for these courses and manage them yourself or we are happy to host and manage them for you.

We are also always interested in cost-share development - where your organization and our team work out a product ownership/cost share ratio.

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